Thursday, March 15, 2012

Archery at Sparhawk

A straw poll of Sparhawk High students showed strong interest for an archery program. I am researching program  logistics and equipment. Based upon staff and PTO member input at the last two PTO meetings, an after-school program is the most viable starting option for late spring, summer and the potential for an integrated archery program in the fall. According to the NASP Archery site, a class of 30 can be outfitted for about $3,500.

USA Archery (U.S. Olympic Team) promotes archery in the schools so that there will be a better pool of world-class competitors. Other organizations have more local goals, which include academic performance and personal growth. There are at least three reputable programs from which to draw guidance and some grant funding and local resources that may provide instructor training, range management and coaching.

1. National Archery in the Schools: NASP Archery Internet Site
2. USA Archery: USA Archery
3. Archery After School Program: Archery-After School Program

I encourage anyone interested to look at these websites, and especially the NASP Archery site curriculum guides for grades 4-12 and also consider the following:
  • Archery is a lifetime sport, there are college teams all over the country, including UNH;
  • An archery program may be an attraction for international students;
  • All the benefits of team-building, community and personal growth;
  • Academics that relate to archery include physics, math, social studies, literature and language arts;
  • Sparhawk's new HS facilities is a resource that could host outdoor, FITA* competitions up to 90 meters;
  • The Lower Campus has adequate distance for an outdoor practice range (9-18 meters);
  • Indoor competitions are possible at the High School, as are postal competitions to bridge long-distances among schools and clubs whereby student's competition targets are mailed and scored.
*FITA: Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc
(World Archery)

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