Monday, June 11, 2012

Anything Goes...

Norah Tinti along with her cast and crew outdid themselves this weekend when the Sparhawk Spotlights presented its spring production of Anything Goes.  This was a fantastic rendition of a classic musical and it was done in Sparhawk style...lots of glimmer, shimmer, laughs and a display of talent and enthusiasm from the entire cast and crew.  The performances were fantastic and built on each other.  It was evident from all involved that the students had a great time putting on this production.

What a wonderful and dedicated staff the Sparhawk schools have.  They work so well with the students and each other and make the entire process of creating an enticing show both fun and very professional.  Below is 2 collections of pictures from all 3 show (but only second half of Saturday night show).  If you click on a slide show, you will be brought to the online album and you can download any shots you  would like.  The first slide show has 236 pictures and the second has 100 pictures.  You may ask "why 2 slide shows" and the answer is because I had technically difficulties uploading all 336 pics in a single album so as a workaround I broke it up into 2 albums.

(Fri full show, Sat 2nd half, Sun 1st half)

(Sun 2nd half)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking the shots and watching the performances...but that probably is not possible since I thoroughly enjoyed this production each time I saw it.

Rhonda McDonough
Sparhawk PTO President

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