Monday, October 29, 2012

School Cancellation Alerts

You can get text messages to your mobile device for school cancellations.  To register for school closing alerts sent out by our local Boston CBS station, go to:
This will bring you to the SCHOOL CLOSINGS TEXT MESSAGE REGISTRATION page.  If you are already registered with CBSBoston, you can login right from here, otherwise, click on the registration link and you will be brought to the first registration page.  It is a brief form that you fill in.  After you click on the Create button, you will be brought to another form where you enter a lot of the same stuff, but also get to enter your mobile number and your email address.

Once you have completed the form and have signed up, if you signed up with a mobile device, you will receive a text message with an activation code that you enter on the page you did the registration from (technically a different page...but it is the next page in the activation process).  You will also be sent an email confirmation.

Now that you have registered....
Since Sparhawk School is closed whenever the Amesbury public schools are closed, you can go to the School Closings link (you must be logged in to get to the School Closing page).  Once there, click on the Public School Edit link.  From there, you can check off which ever public school systems you want to track...check Amesbury to get the Amesbury public school cancellations...which are also the Sparhawk School cancellations.

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